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Coconut Oil For Male Pattern Baldness

by Scott Byers

Male pattern baldness. It has been a problem throughout the ages and although there’s promising researching that’s being done currently, there isn’t yet a cure. In fact, if your genes dictate that baldness runs in your family, you may join the 50% of guys who are losing their hair by the time they hit age 50. But there’s some good news! While we haven’t yet developed a cure, there are some ways to slow down the loss.

Oil it Up

With the growing popularity of natural home remedies, you may be interested to learn that coconut oil is becoming a more common treatment for male pattern baldness. Usage is growing among medical professionals and regular guys alike in different parts of the country. And while there’s no hard evidence that this element will make all your dreams come true, it has been shown over and over again to slow things down a bit.

One of the reasons for this might be due to its moisturizing qualities. This moisture provides a shield of sorts that keeps scalp damage, which can further male pattern baldness, at bay. This same shield also works to lock in the natural moisture your scalp creates and protects that moisture from becoming less effective. It will work to strengthen the hair shaft, helping you to grow less of the damaged hair. Coconut oil also prevents fungal and bacterial infections, which also further the problem.

Male pattern baldness is also sped along by the manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff. The fatty acids in coconut oil are very small in molecular structure and can therefore easily enter a cell to destroy a virus. This is also true with the membrane of a hair cell. It allows the oil to penetrate the hair’s shaft and nourish it, causing the condition to work from the inside out rather than the outside in, like most other treatments.

Dandruff is often caused by a fungal condition called candida overgrowth. This is an internal fungus that seems to get out of control. But when coconut oil is used regularly, it can kill the fungal problem in the scalp and will probably take care of the dandruff problem altogether. The oil will absorb into your skin itself when you apply it and will join your bloodstream to fight against the fungus, virus, and bacteria that are all a potential threat to your pretty little head. Plus, coconut oil is a nice alternative to the chemicalized dandruff shampoos you may already be using, and will also work to delay any male pattern baldness.

If you’ve heard about and considered using other oils, like sunflower or mineral oil, you may want to stick with the coconut. Often hair loss is the result of protein loss. This protein loss explains both damaged and disappearing hair. But coconut oil helps reduce the protein loss better than most other oils, and in doing so helps reduce the hair loss.

To Use Coconut Oil For Male Pattern Baldness

How you apply the coconut oil may be one of the most important aspects of application. For maximum results, it is recommended that you apply the oil with a long, relaxing head massage. That’s right – enjoy it! Massaging the scalp with coconut oil encourages better blood circulation, which means that the hair follicles can take in more nutrients than they otherwise could. Massage also causes the skin to relax, soothing the scalp and thereby increasing the ability of the hair follicles to grow. So the combination of coconut oil and massage can help the hair stay strong and stimulate it to grow consistently. This will reduce the amount of hair you lose.

Warming the oil before it’s applied will increase stimulation, making the treatment more effective. To warm the oil, drop a teaspoonful into a bowl and heat it for about two minutes. You don’t want the oil to be hot to the touch, but you don’t want it to be room temperature, either. Bring it to a temperature that will feel good on your head. Once you’ve reached this desired temperature, apply the oil directly to your scalp.

One specific “recipe for success” is a concoction of herbs developed by Raymond Teets, M.D., a family physician. This mixture is formed to specifically target inflammation of the scalp and it consists of 10 parts coconut oil with one part rosemary essential oil. Try massaging just one teaspoon of the blend into your scalp at night. For the best results, use the coconut oil at least twice weekly, or for maximum results apply it every other day. And it’s always more effective to leave the oil in overnight, but be warned – it may be a little messy.

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